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5 Things You Should Know About Yoga 

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Doing yoga is not as complicated as what people think. Being a beginner is a fun part of the process, especially if you learn and discover what works for you, and how to do it best. When doing yoga for the first time, you just have to be open your heart and mind. Yoga is a process too, and you don’t have to jump on doing the complicated practices. In this article, we’ll tell you the things you should know about yoga and the benefits of attending yoga classes in Kansas City 


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

Like mentioned, doing yoga is a process. You don’t have to compare your progress to other people. Once you practice yoga, you’re doing it on your own mat with your own body. It means that the experience is yours. You won’t enjoy the entire experience if you keep on judging how you express a pose and check others to see if you’re doing it right. The teacher is there for a reason, so listen to him/her and be in your own experience. This way, you will enjoy the experience better.  

You’re Not a Beginner Forever 

We’re not all beginners forever. We are beginners for some time, but once we gain experience we are able to explore more. With yoga, you should just be relaxed at the beginning of the process. This way, you would determine what works for you. The things you learned would be put in good use in future yoga practices. Just relax, and enjoy the journey.  

Don’t Suppress Your Feelings 

Yoga is therapeutic; this is because you get to express our emotional feelings through the poses we do. There is a lot of emotional energy being stored in our body. If the energy is negative, then you should release it. Have you experienced having heavy energy in your shoulders and hips? Releasing those feelings into anger and tears after a class is a good thing. Let those feelings go so your body can accommodate positive feelings.  

The Way You Bend Doesn’t Symbolize Advancement 

There’s a misconception that when you can bend like a gymnast, you are already advanced. Being able to do such postures don’t symbolize that you’re already an advanced yogi. We agree that it takes years or practice and dedication to be able to pull off such poses, but if you’re distracted during the class then the yoga lost its point. Yoga is not about how masterly you can bend, it’s about your union with your body no matter what pose you do.  

Breathing is the Most Important Aspect 

Like we said earlier, even if you can master the pose but your breathing is not okay, then the point of doing yoga is list. Do not push yourself to do such poses. Work on your breathing instead. Always remember to reconnect with your flow of breath. This way, your level of connection and awareness is improved and yoga has served its purpose.  

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